Building a Tradition of Quality Boulders, Sand, and Gravel Products


Comprised of Gernatt Asphalt Products; Dan Gernatt Gravel Products, Inc.; and Country Side Sand and Gravel, Inc., our companies provide sand, gravel, asphalt, top soil, landscape stone and many more products to Buffalo, NY and the entire Western New York area. No matter what your project, we can help you obtain the materials and supplies you need to succeed.

The first of our production sites was in Collins, NY, but since our founding, we have expanded to have eight sand and gravel processing plants, five hot-mix asphalt plant locations, one contractor supply outlet, and numerous sand and gravel excavation sites. With more than 50 trucks in our fleet, our ability to service our customers is second to none.

The Gernatt Family of Companies is proud to be one of the largest sand and gravel producers in New York State.

Steel City Salt LLC

Here in Western New York, road salt is something we need from October to April – and possibly beyond! That is why we formed Steel City Salt LLC in 2014. Today, Steel City Salt LLC provides a wide range of melt products to local municipalities and businesses, including rock and treated salt in both bulk and packaged quantities. American Rock Salt products are available from a convenient indoor storage facility. Visit the website to learn more!

Looking for top soil?

Top soil can be used for a variety of ground-covering purposes. Not only can top soil act as a base to lay turf or grass seed, it can also be used to raise garden beds for easier planting and access. Have other needs for top soil but need a distributer to provide you with the amount you need? No matter what your project, give us a call today for pricing and information about our available top soil!

Since 1946, the Gernatt Family of Companies has been proud to serve Buffalo, NY and all of Western New York. Whether you are looking for top soil, asphalt millings, sand, gravel, or another product, we can help! Give us a call today to inquire about our services so you can get started on your project at hand.