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The professionals at Gernatt Gravel are proud to serve the Buffalo, NY area. Whether you’re wondering where to buy sand, searching for top soil prices, looking for driveway gravel for sale, or have other needs for your property, we’re ready to help! Please contact us with your questions or concerns. We’re happy to assist you whether you need asphalt, stone, gravel products, or our large rocks for sale!

Primary Internet Contact
Penny Bieger, Administration and A/P, (716) 532-3371, Email

Sales Department
Bill Schmitz, VP of Sales & QC,(716) 532-3371 ext. 140, Email
David Gier, Inside Sales,(716) 532-3371 ext. 138, Email
Bill Phillips, Municipal Sales,(716) 532-3371 ext. 141, Email
Neil Stern, Contractor Sales, (716) 532-3371 ext. 139, Email
Jason Locke, Contractor Sales, (716) 532-3371 ext. 142, Email


Daniel Gernatt, Jr., CEO, (716) 532-3371 ext. 112, Email
Randall Best, President, (716) 532-3371 ext. 130, Email
Susan DeGolier, Office Manager,(716) 532-3371 ext. 118, Email

Credit Department
Jim Garner, Comptroller, (716) 532-3371 ext. 203, Email

Operations, Engineering & Regulatory Affairs
Randy Geiger, Senior VP of Operations,
(716) 861-3999, Email
Mark Smith, VP of Land Acquisition and Land Management,
(716) 532-3371 ext. 175, Email
Sal Dicembre, VP Engineering & Safety Director
(716) 532-3371 ext. 136, Email
Rich Pecnik, Regulatory Affairs,
(716) 532-3371 ext. 134, Email
Bill Rebmann, VP of Operations East,
(716) 861-8400, Email
Mark Wygant, Electrician,
(716) 532-3371 ext. 166, Email
Bob Rebmann, Manager of Asphalt Operations,
(716) 698-3600, Email

Quality Control
Aaron Markham, Quality Control, (716) 532-3371 ext. 106, Email

Equipment Maintenance
Dan Polzin, On-Road Equipment, (716) 532-3371 ext. 152, Email
Dave Hannahs, Off-Road Equipment, (716) 532-3371 ext. 154, Email

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