Sand for Sale In Bulk

We have the sand and gravel products you need, from concrete sand to special mixtures for horse arenas or kid’s sandboxes. When looking for sand for sale, be sure to check with Gernatt Gravel first for all your sand needs in the Buffalo, NY area.

View some of our selections below or give us a call with your questions.

Benefits of Sand and Gravel

There are many reasons to get sand and gravel from Gernatt Gravel for your next project. Here are a few:

  • Variety of sand – Gernatt Gravel has a wide array of sand for sale. No matter what kind of sand you need, we can help. We have the sand and gravel that will be perfect for your next project.
  • Variety of uses – Whether you need sand for a sand box, or you need coarse sand to mix with cement, we have what you need. There are a lot of different uses for sand and gravel.
  • Looks – Sand and gravel can provide a great look for a landscaping project. They accent very well and are also a great alternative to grass.
  • Storage and costs – Sand and gravel are inexpensive materials when compared to their counterparts in mulch and sod. Buying sand and gravel in bulk is a great idea since they are materials that do not rot and lose their integrity.

When you need sand for sale, give Gernatt Gravel a call. We are proud to offer our sand and gravel to the greater Buffalo, NY area.