-2" Crusher Run Hard Head Gravel

Minus 2″ Crusher Run Hard Head Gravel is made by processing 2″ to 8″ cobbles through a crusher resulting in a 100% crushed subbase that has a range of sized particles from 2 inches down to dust. -2″ Crusher Run Hard Head Gravel is an excellent subbase for roads, driveways, and building pads. It is the least moisture sensitive of any gravel subbases available. This product meets all the physical requirements for NYSDOT Type 2 Subbase excepting that the source rock is gravel cobbles, not limestone.

  • Compactable; contains crusher fines
  • 100% crushed subbase material
  • Premium road, driveway and building pad material
  • NYSDOT 304 Type 2 equivalent
  • This product is available at: Chaffee, Collins, Freedom, Hanover, Great Valley, South Dayton, Springville


Material Safety Data Sheet
PDF Brochure

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